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Emo Violence
2001-11-17 16:22:59 (UTC)

taste his mouth

so yeah last night was crazy... heres the break down.

will picked me up an hour and 15 mins late, he swore i said
7:30 i KNOW i said 6:30, so whaetver, i walked up to jim's
truck and saw jarred in the back cryign in pain. WILL had
pushed his seat back and caught jarred's foot, so i thougth
we better get outta here as quick as we can or my dad would
come out and i would be in trouble (5 people can not fit in
his ranger, but we made it work) so alica, jarred and i
went into the back seat beign very careful not to hurt
jarred's already screwed up foot, we decided to head to
wills and regroup, half way here, Jim says "WHERE ARE MY
CDS!?!" WILL had set them on the roof of the truck back at
my hosue, we made a sharp turn and looked around my
driveway, not there, the boys dropped alicia and i off at
the middle school so there wasnt an illegal number of
people in the truck and they went to look for them,
apparently when we made that sharp turn to turn around they
fell off and we hAD RUN OVER THEM. cd shards weer all over
the pavement, but luckily, only 9 out of over 100 were
destroyed, (alicia and i waited nervously on the track
feild for the boys to return, hearing the music from the
dance comming from the gym, and calculating everythign that
could happen to make this worse, involvign a car accident,
cops, rape or teachers) though we were fine and they came
and got us (it was about 8:15 now) and we headed to wills
to figure this mess out, we broguth jarred downstairs, iced
and braced his foot and calmed down a little, jim and i
started cuddeling, and alicia and jarred started kissing
too, soon we just totally blew off the game over show
(though it WAS their last ever) and just hung out. it was
about 8:45/9:00 or so and we decided it wouldnt be worth it
to head all teh way to newark just to come home an hour
later. first off, i guess jarred being injured and all
made him incredibly aroused, cause he was hobbeling to the
next room and undressing before alicia was. so they took
the unfinished basement and a disgusting matress and jim
and i took will's bed which is EXTREMEMLY comfortable by
the way. so we started by just cuddeling, and stuff, i
love laying next to him, i kissed and licked his ear, and i
was getting off on him touching my neck (i love that), we
finally kissed, for the first time, and started making out,
and hugging and being adorable like that, WIll was right
there, looking on adn playing with his computer, about
10:45, will's friend came over, i had met him back in teh
summer and we had all gone to the movies, so it was just a
bit awkward, i got back together my things and we headed
out, we held hands on the way home. i tasted his mouth in
mine untill i went to bed last night. im going over his
house tonight to watch movies. im excited, i like him a
lot, i like being near him and touching and kissing and
cuddeling. it has a lot to do with comfort and security.
its good we arnt going out, i cant handle a realationship
now, i dont know how. were just *close* friends, i have no
problem with this and i dont think he does either.

he told me he read my whole journal. i dont care at all, i
dont think i put anythign bad in it, so its all good.

i got 2 messages last night, one from jay and one from
another girl who also reads my journal, so i think thats
pretty cool.

first off, thanks jay, for the note, i hope you and jill
are doing great, thanks for the pictures, shes a dish! i
hope to get back to you soon.

second off, i need to get home and take a shower and all,
im tired and warn out, but still siked for tonight.

i better get going. *im beaming by the way*

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