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2001-11-17 15:32:22 (UTC)

Where Is Our Happiness

Last Night our preacher called us and told Marty that
Krista's parents had caught them on the phone with each
other and they said that the next time that they caught
them that they would get a restraining order on him. So He
came last night and told me that they where through. He
left the house really fast.YOu know what the wierd thing

*one sister finds true love
*A week later her brother falls in love with his
sisters best friend (TRUE LOVE)
*Two months later the sister and her boyfriend break up
*A week after they break up so does her brother and her
best friend.

Where is mine and my brothers happiness, it seems as though
everytime we find something that makes us happy it is
alwaays taken away from me. I guess my brother is my best
friend and all we have is each other to make oit through
this life full of depression.