Love, Sex and College
2001-11-17 15:09:55 (UTC)

Seeing my mom

In about a half an hour my mom is picking me up, we are
going to see the movie Harry Potter, I still feel a little
sick, that is my fault since I only got 5 hours of sleep. I
had a good night, Holly and I talked for like 3 hours it
was so great. Kelli and I had also hung out. It was cool,
well I better go comb my hair and get ready to go. I hope
when I get home, there is a message on m machine from
Andrew telling me he is coming over. But I know that will
not be the case. I still hope that I will be seeing him,
but I know how things go, I just want to see him so badly.
I miss him. Well, I have more to write but no time to write
it, so later.