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2001-11-17 14:58:30 (UTC)

hey everybody i know that this..

hey everybody
i know that this is extremly boring to read, but like its
therapy , or something like that, no but seriously, when
you write in these "online diarys" they always have this
thing where you can reply to the person who wrote the enty,
ya know what i'm talking about, yea, and like its so
ideotic because no one actually goes out and replys! so i
think that its just a waste of a button, no lie! dumbhead
computer websites! ok, so anyways, ya wanna know something
else which seems pretty stuped, the fact that your friends
ask you to come visit them at work and then like they don't
even talk to you, their like "i'm working" and you
like "durr, your working , but you ask me to come and visit
you while your working" its as if then just don't ask me to
come see u, if your to busy to even talk to me. its like
i'm asking you to sit down and have a gormet dinner-ahhhhh,
sorry, things like that jsut agrevait me!!
well, lets see what i did yesterday, oh yea,,,,, i watched
the best movie EVER!! dude, where my car. its soooo darn
funnny-no lie, i heart it! and another great movie is half
baked,.for who ever hasn't seen that movie-you litterally
haven't lived! like i've seen that movie at least 50 times
and it still never gets old, ya know how most movies are
always like you see em once and then like when you see em
the second time, it sux, well not with half baked, you can
see it over and over again, and it never gets old!!!!!!!!!!!

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