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2001-11-17 14:44:21 (UTC)


Well, my recital is over, I did not play as well as I would
have liked to, but I got through it and that was
important. Also, the love that I felt in that room was
amazing. I'm just so incredibly relieved that I'm done
with that. Tonight is the Pre-Vespers concert and I'm
going to be a little sad. Because this time in 2 weeks we
will be performing in Vespers. Last night, Dawn, Erin,
Heather and I sat up talking about how we got to know each
other and how we were all best friends and didn't know how
we would get along without the others. It makes me sad.
Then there's Tony, whom I will miss very dearly. I have
become very close to him this year and have realized how
much his friendship means to me. Tonight I'm going out to
dinner with him, Matt S., Sarah Baer and Allison. We went
out last Saturday and had so much fun! So, we're going to
try to do that every Saturday.