It's Been A Foxy~ Day
2001-11-17 09:50:28 (UTC)

A very interesting week....

Just a couple of days ago, I had my away message on
while I was watching my soap opera Days Of Our Lives.
While I was gone, I got a message from the b*tch that Jason
picked up that day he took me to go and get Candace from
the airport. She called me a liar and told me how Jason
told her that he and I were just a joke and that we were
nothing but friends. Know what? I have the convo, I'm
going to paste it. Her sn is the sexy one and I'm Foxy.

SexyBbySwt: liar
Auto response from Foxysilverr4: I'm watching my soap days
of our back in an hour
Foxysilverr4: liar what
Foxysilverr4: hello.............can't answer me now?
SexyBbySwt: because u aint going out with jason
Foxysilverr4: you've read all the things that i've sent
SexyBbySwt: well he said that it was just joking around
Foxysilverr4: shows you right there that he did want
Foxysilverr4: i confronted him on it..he's going
to lie to you
SexyBbySwt: well and i talked to steve and rob and both
said no
Foxysilverr4: who the hell is steve
Foxysilverr4: and what does he have to do with anything?
SexyBbySwt: his roomate
Foxysilverr4: i've never met steve, so i don't care what
he says

Foxysilverr4:'re a new have no idea
how he operates
SexyBbySwt: well i was over at his house the whole
Foxysilverr4: I've watched him operate on pathetic girls
like you that fall for whatever he says
Foxysilverr4: point being?
Foxysilverr4: I don't care if you moved in with him, I
just thought that you should get a heads up...he has more
than just one chick
SexyBbySwt: i didn't move in with him
Foxysilverr4: I didn't say that you did..I said that I
wouldn't really aren't a smart one are you?
SexyBbySwt: well do u know what i don't care what
everybody else says, because i have people that know jason
and that watch him and his roommate tells me everything to
Foxysilverr4: Honey don't even know anything
about're new
Foxysilverr4: And you think that everyone is going to tell
you the truth, that's just sad
SexyBbySwt: I'm not new, i know hella people that know
jason for a long time, and believe these people would never
ever lie to me
SexyBbySwt: ur jsut mad because u can't have him
Foxysilverr4: uh huh...keep telling yourself that
Foxysilverr4: I don't want him
Foxysilverr4: I didn't want him...i just finally shut him
Foxysilverr4: I wouldn't care if I never heard from him
again in my life
Foxysilverr4: I just thought that you would like to know
what's up with him, before you make a mistake
Foxysilverr4: but OBVIOUSLY..too late for that
SexyBbySwt: well he said that it wasn't serious that u
guys just played around
Foxysilverr4: yeah, I played around
Foxysilverr4: Don't really know about him
SexyBbySwt: whatever, and ya tell ur chick hoever she was
to shut her mouth
Foxysilverr4: He'll say whatever he has to say just to get
the girl to believe him. I've seen it for a year now, how
he works
Foxysilverr4: what? Tell who to shut their mouth?
SexyBbySwt: oh well , if it is like that i will find out
than soon i guess
Foxysilverr4: Are you talking about my friend that night
that took over the computer?
SexyBbySwt: that girl that was here visiting u
Foxysilverr4: Yeah you will, and I'll just tell you that I
was right
SexyBbySwt: yes
SexyBbySwt: we'll see
Foxysilverr4: No, you'll get thrown the rest
SexyBbySwt: i will see if it really is like that. well at
least he calls me when he says he will
Foxysilverr4: I don't even care if he's sitting next to
you right now reading this whole conversation, or you told
him about what we've talked about
Foxysilverr4: I don't ask him to call me, I don't want him
to call me
Foxysilverr4: I'm not one to sit around the house and wait
for some guy to call
SexyBbySwt: i didn't tell him shit i just asked him about
what was going on about these convos
Foxysilverr4: unlike you
SexyBbySwt: well he calls me at that time he says he is
gonna call
Foxysilverr4: Good for you!
Foxysilverr4: You get a phone call, I'm proud
Foxysilverr4: Sorry, I have better things to do than just
wait around for a guy..that's just pathetic
SexyBbySwt: i'm not waiting around for a guy
Foxysilverr4: sure
Foxysilverr4: keep telling yourself that and maybe you'll
believe it
SexyBbySwt: whatever if it really is like that i will find
out than
Foxysilverr4: yes you will, and i'll just say "I told you
Foxysilverr4: I've known him for a year, like i've said
before, I've seen him operate on's actually
entertaining to see how pathetic girls like you are
SexyBbySwt: ok
SexyBbySwt: whatever
Foxysilverr4: see..i know how he works, because i'm his
counterpart so to speak. I'm the female version of him, we
play them and keep them around for when we need something
from them
Foxysilverr4: so don't tell me that i don't know what's
going on, because i do
SexyBbySwt: oh well if he really does that than i will
find out
Foxysilverr4: and he'll lie to you, not like he's going to
say "yes i'm using you and seeing others"
Foxysilverr4: he's not stupid
Foxysilverr4: I'm still laughing that you actually
confronted him with this stuff, you had to know that he
would deny it if he was attempting to get down your really are a whore
SexyBbySwt: i am not a whore because he is the only one i
am sleeping with, not like u
Foxysilverr4: Puhlease! I'm not the one that fucked him on
the first night I met him
Foxysilverr4: I admit that I am a whore too..I like sex
Foxysilverr4: But I'm not like you and slept with someone
the first night i met him
Foxysilverr4: WHORE
SexyBbySwt: well nobody is a whore untill u get payed to
have sex
Foxysilverr4: okay then.....slut
Foxysilverr4: is that better
SexyBbySwt: that is the same thing stupid
Foxysilverr4: You are obviously very dumb
SexyBbySwt: whatever, u are just jealous because Jason
things ur hella ugly and u are .
Bye i don't need to talk to u
Foxysilverr4: Oh please!
Foxysilverr4: that was just sad
Foxysilverr4: That's the reason that he's been hanging
around with me for the past year..because I'm ugly? No I
don't think so! He WAS a friend
Foxysilverr4: And I wouldn't be so smart in shooting off
your mouth, don't forget that you gave me your phone number
Foxysilverr4: Which I have in my hand at the moment
Foxysilverr4: :-D
SexyBbySwt: so what are u gonna do about it? call my
parents? they know everything they even know that i slept
with him
Foxysilverr4: No, I'm not one to rat to the parents...I do
have connections though that can trace digits to the origin
Foxysilverr4: See, you just messed with the wrong person
Foxysilverr4: All I was just trying to do was be nice to
you in the first place and you had to go and pull this
Foxysilverr4: too scared to say anything now?
Foxysilverr4: you know if you were smart, you would have
blocked me a long time ago, but no, you're an idiot

And then this happened. This is an email that I sent my
closest friends to let them know what happened.

Last night around 7pm, my parents and I sit down to
a wonderful meal of Panda Express when the phone rings. I
answer it, and it was for me. It was Jason. He asked me
what was going on with me and him. He also wanted to know
what was going on with me and that Silkie chick. I told
him EVERYTHING. How he cheated on me with her and all that
jazz. He didn't say anything, but did tell me that he
really needed to talk to me and wanted me to come over and
talk. I said that we could talk, then he told me to pack
my bags because I would be staying the night. I was in no
mood to fight, so I obliged.

Well, Jason and Rob come and pick me up. We stop off
at a video store and get some movies. Rob drops us off at
Jason's new place and as we're walking up the stairs his
roommate, Steve, comes down the stairs on the
phone. "Silkie, you need to stop calling here. You call
for Jason twenty times a day and we're sick of it. He just
brought his GIRLFRIEND over here, so you need to stop." At
this moment, I started to chase Steve down the stairs so I
could actually talk to her. Great first impression huh?
You gals know me, I don't give a rats @$$!

Jason ended up dragging me to the room and got my
stuff situated. I met the other roomie, Ross, but he's not
important. While Jason and I were watching Tomcats, Steve
came in and put the phone down for a bit. He asked me why
I would send her the convos that Jason and I had, it only
made her more mad. I told him that I don't give a royal
sh*t what she thinks about anything. I still wanted to
talk to her, but of course, they refused. So, Jason and I
talk. I found out that Silkie has been threatening to kill
herself if Jason doesn't date her. My response: "Better
her doing it than me and Stephanie."

I found out that she lied to me about sleeping with
Jason. Rob even confirmed it for me. He and I don't care
how much the info would hurt the other person, we could
never lie to each other. I also found out that Silkie did
stay the night at his house a couple of days ago, BUT, she
was sleeping in Steve's room. Jason locked his door and
heard her late at night trying to get in. Her excuse, she
left her hairbrush in his room. It was in her hands when
he confronted her with it.

Fast forward to this morning around 8am. Jason and
I are sleeping, but I can hear some girl talking really
loudly in Steve's room next to Jason's. I didn't think
nothing of it, just thought that it was one of his friends
that was giving Steve a ride to work. That is, until I
heard her start talking about Jason. "He's a player, he
said that he would marry me, he told me that I was the only
one." She got all of this after hanging with Jason for 2
hours? Can we say {PSYCHO THEME}. Well, I still don't
know it was her, but I did hear Jason wake up and curse
about the f*cking b*tch. I continued to act like I was
sleeping when he walked to my side of the bed and put some
sweatpants on. Last thing he did before he left the room?
Kissed my forehead and said "Don't worry Rikki. I'm not
going to let this b*tch break us apart. I've wanted this
relationship for a year now and now that I have it, no way
am I giving it up."

So, he walks out the room and I jump up to listen
better. Makes me happy that Jason's room and Steve's are
right next to each other. I hear Jason start to yell at
her and tell her to never call the house, or try to contact
either him, Steve, Ross, or me. He then said "Especially
Rikki, you stay the hell away from her." She said
something about me not being what he needed, and he went
off on her. "You think that everyone wants you because you
claim to be a model? I have a news flash for you, nobody
wants someone with an ugly heart. Guys do go for looks,
but they also go for what's inside. What's in their
heart. You have no heart and are an ugly person on the
inside. That's why you'll never get me. I found the one
with the beauty on the inside as well as the outside." I
was soooooooooooooooooooo fighting the urge to walk out
there and confront her, but I remembered Steve promising me
to stay away. So, I did..gggrrr! She ended up leaving
about five minutes afterwards. Jason walked back into the
room to me sitting on the bed, writing. He told me that
was Silkie and he didn't understand why she was at the
house instead of at the school. I stuck my head out the
window and waved her a goodbye with my middle finger as she
pulled out of the driveway. I think she got mad about
that. Oh well! LOL. So, team Jason is back on track and
we've overcome the first major obstacle.

And all this happened in three days. This afternoon I got
another instant message from Silkie, she claimed that she
was a friend. She threatened to come over to my house and
beat me up, I told her to bring it. Stephanie doesn't know
this girl and vise versa. I could see Stephanie physically
choking the life out of this chick. Good riddance too.
Get one psycho stalker off the face of the earth!

Mood- I'm cold.

Song I'm listening to- LMAO!! "Boom I F*cked Your
Boyfriend" By 20 Fingers. Ironic isn't it?