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2001-11-17 08:43:03 (UTC)

When all the Angels are gone

My mother told me yesterday that my father are going to
talk to me and Karoline about his drinking problem, maybe
with Grace to.
She think`s thats good, maybe he`s finaly realising that he
has a problem, but Im a bit scared that this conversation
will get sheepish.

Yestarday my father said something else to me, not about
his drinking, he was silver.
He said that he diddnt think Samuel will survive this
winter, he has said things like that before and it always
makes me cry.
So guess who`s been crying half of the night?
ME!!! Im realy tired now, but I`ll have to stay up cause Im
at my work.
The first thing Im gonna do when I get home is to run over
to Samuel.
I`d talked to him yesterday to, but that was before my
father said this bad thing.
I was telling Samuel about how silly I have been, losing
Stian like that, that I dont think Ill ever get him back,
how much truble my ex is making for me and stuff like that.
We was outside taiking a walk,Samuel even had a figth with
Ross, I hate when people are figthing but this time I
enjoy`d it, it means that Samuel are`nt that sick...
He and Ross are verry good friends, it diddnt mean anything.
They bouth forgot about it two seconds later, how do boys
manage that?

Its stil plenty of hours til I can go home and put my arms
around Samuel, its only 09:38 ans I`ll have to be here til
16:30, ooh.
Hopfuly Chris will come and keep me with company, but I
raly dont think he know`s that Im here today.

Have a nice weekend!