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2001-11-17 07:02:20 (UTC)

Yay for me! (or is it B.....)

What a night! I met with my youth leader and 4 people from
my youth group at Woogel's tonight. We were discussing ways
to promote and initiate group bonding. We got into some
really good discussions about that. Then we all went and
visited Frank and it was really nice to see him again. Then
I had to drop my ex off at his girlfriend's house....a
little awkward for me, but whatever. Then I had to go and
work at this craft show at my high school. It was really
boring but then one of my friends (B) came up to me and
said he was going to see Harry Potter at 10:20 and that
there were still a lot of tickets left. I gave him money
and he went and bought me a ticket and then came back. We
both called our parents and got things cleared with them
and then went to the theater. We got there at 9 and waited
in line (we were the first ones there) for about an hour
before we could get in to the theater. But anyways, we got
in and we ended up sitting with this big group of people
but I was next to B so that was all that mattered. It
started out as an ordinary movie but by the end we were
sitting about as close as you possibly can considering
there's those stupid arm rests in the way and were kind of
holding hands and stuff. I know it's not much of anything,
but hey...I was excited! Then after the movie we walked out
and I walked him to his car and we talked for a little bit
and then we both decided we needed to get home and go to
bed. (The movie wasn't over till 1:07 so it was pretty late
by then.) I'm really looking forward to seeing him
tomorrow. I'm not sure what to expect (if anything) but I
really hope something happens. I suspect that everything
that happened tonight didn't mean nearly as much to him as
it did to me. I guess I'll just have to wait and see how
things go this weekend and just decide from there. Well,
wish me luck!!!

~Daria :)

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