Absolute Mayhem
2001-11-17 06:37:58 (UTC)

peace in my basement

hey in heaven...get ur game on
yup. as u might have in a pretty good maybe even a bit slap happy blown over?? lol.
well i have much to say. wed nite, adam and i went up to
STP to watch guys bball game and yes..of course we managed
to get upstairs for half a like for half an hour.
then while we were up coach/teacher mr d *the
bomb of a man* came up there so we were like shit and we
jmped into the inlet of a wall right next to the class room
door. lol. that was scary! then we just laid in each others
arms for the remainder of the THAT was nice...;-)
my friend cody was u make me sick...head over
heels for each other..yuck. lol. i had to laugh. then
thursday..we went back and got away for the same amount of
time. but when we were over the gate and walking up the
stairs...there were adults and some kids on the 6-8th grade
floor.. and so we were like shit again. lol. so we quietly
ran down 2 flights of stairs and hid in the lil girls
bathroom. lol. that was fun. but definately weird. then
someone like started walking down the supposedly locked
hall and turned on the lights in the room connected to the
bathroom. and i had my coat and purse on the floor right in
the door way..but we had to jump into stalls..and we were
kind makin loud noises shuttin them and we could hear
everysound so we thought for sure we were gonna get
caught...but luckily the person turned off the lights and
left... that was soo close. lol. we were both shakin in
each others arms afterwards. lol. so then we
were in there for another like 15 min and then decided we
betta go find cody and kate (they said they were gonna come
find us and climb the gate) before we had another close
call. and so we were walkn up the stairs and adam sees cody
and he just whispers her name *and shes the biggest ditz
and scaredy cat ever* so she jumps way up..kinda yelps and
hits the floor hard. lol. and kate, adam and i are just
dieing laughing on the stairs. but u just had to be there.
lol. it was soo fun. lol. sooo head over heels for adam. lol. and he
is for me too. its soo awesome. the feeling of floating on
the cloud of emotions. i mean our friends say its kinda
sappy that its almost sick. lol. i love em. we were talkn a
bit and iwe were like yeah..we enver really did act broken a way..its as though weve been going out for 7 weeks
as of today. lol. i mean i feel its almost too good to be
true..and that kinda scares me cuz im afraid its just a
dream. it honestly feels like a fairy tale. i mean like
adam is like my prince. and im his princess. theres poems,
songs, names for each other, lots of luv yous, and just
sweet nothings being whispered int omy ear while holding
onto each other and....sigh. yup..this is definately more
than an love? i dunno. its good though.
lol. yeah, i got a new poem for me tonite. it s sooo sweet
i just wanted to like cry cuz its all soo perfect..and i
dunno. lol. its like undescribible high on life
here. and i think im addicted
addicted 2 bein high on life,