It smells like poop over here
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2001-11-17 05:56:10 (UTC)

it's saturday...whacky day

i went to bed at 7 pm yesterday, and slept until 8 am. i
woke up a few times, but i got like 13 hours of sleep. then
i watched "what's with andy", that show's hilarious. i was
supposed to be at work at 3, but i fucked up and went in at
9:30 like a chatch, oh well. least i didn't have to work at
night. i came home and went out with my buddies dean and
rich. we went to denny's and saw american pie 2 at the
cheap theater. i wish real life was like that movie.
everyone is so open about everything. if i talked to my
friends the way those guys did, i wouldn't have any
friends. they'd be all like "dude, that's gross" or "what's
with all these feelings your spillin man?" that and they
had a sweet ass college lives and got to live at beach
house all summer, drinking and chillin with lots of chicks.
ever wonder if you could have real memories life the way
you remember movies? i have. i kinda wish my life was like
that. but im stuck here...it's not so bad. occasionally
gettin harassed by a pyschopathic ex-gf, but it's better
than what most people have to go through. i was reading a
girl's journal the other day, her mom's bf beat her, so she
went to, who i htink is her bf's house, he was drunk, he
beat her and then he fucked her. it was one of those "oh my
god, i have it soo fuckin easy and im bitchin about how my
life sucks!" made me think twice. i had a good day today,
hopefully things will get better for that girl.