the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2001-11-17 05:27:02 (UTC)

and God said let there be light

josh and i were on the phone until 5 am this morning
we talked about a lot of stuff and the main reasonings for
him not wanting things to go further
after fighting for like an hour we are official and taking
things a day at a time
he wants to give me everything and right now he cant b/c he
is afraid he will hurt me if he makes a mistake
i told him that life is full of mistakes and not to dwell
on the past ..the stuff that happened is over... all we
have to work on is the future and letting things happen the
way they are supposed to
if something happens that he hurts me we will deal with it
then and not until then.....there is no point in making
things harder than they really are

he just doesnt want to lose me again
i told him i wasnt going anywhere but he had to remember
not to push away as well

tonight at work it was weird i have been in the best mood
all day....i missed both of my classes b/c i slept through
them on accident just glad it wasnt bio
im so excited i brought my grade up in bio ......all i need
is to get a 70 on this mext test and im sure this one ill
we are talking about evolution and the origin of the earth
and life.....the different view points are interesting so
hopefully ill be able to study and remember stuff a lot
easier....i think thats why i want to change majors as well
is so im happy with what im doing

well ill talk soon im gonna hit the sack
night all
love all

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