DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
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2001-11-17 05:07:18 (UTC)

ThE ThInG oF dA DaY

The thing of the day is how my mind works heres my thing:
Love only hurts when you cant be with that person otherwise
its an incrediable feeling
Baby chu kno who u r u kno i cant breathe wifout bein wif
N chu kno no bodi else can lub yah lyke i do
My love for you is one in a million
Dunt forget babi treat me lyke a woman and imma be urs 4evah
The days of my love hurtz every sec imma not wif chu my
heart breakz papi wappi...
My heartz fragile dunt break it...
Imma so addicted to ur love
So treat me rite
U bettah be tru cuz imma given u all of me
Imma bein forgiven when i shouldnt be
I'm letten u get all of me
Even when i should save my pride
But i cant cuz ur my babi wabbi
Chu got all of me
Alwayz n 4evah
dunt abruse my love lyke my past lovahz