My Life.............
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2001-11-17 05:05:28 (UTC)

I wrote William a letter..

I wrote William a letter lastnight, stayed up till bout 3
or 4 in the morning, i told him he hurt me with what he
wrote, i dont think it was to nice, there was something he
said that i dont feel comfortable writting in here, but,
the part where he told me he stopped writting to me cause
of my complaints about Jeff, well,i deserved that, every
letter i wrote him mentioned Jeff, i just get on things and
cant let go, im sure i drive Andria nuts too.LOL ok, no
more talk about him to my friends, ok, so i cant promise
anything, ill try really, really hard.:)
I asked William why he would want someone who doesnt want
him, i guess i should ask myself that question..:( anyway,
i told him if he wants to talk about her that i would
listen, i dont like what she did to him, i feel so bad
about it cause i gave her his address to write to him, i
guess you never really know someone........im glad he is
back hes a really good friend, and i missed him..:(
I stopped up at Holly's tonight when i went for my walk,
she wasnt home, thank god the door wasnt locked,
hehehehehe, i went in and left a note to let her know i was
there, havent stopped up there for awhile, i dont want to
babysit, but, when im right there and taylor is running
around she knows i cant say no, so ive been avoiding her, i
dont know who had them tonight, i went up expecting someone
to be there......
oh, bought some new sneakers, i had my old ones for a
month and they fell apart, Roy was mad, said im to hard on
sneakers but, hey ya gotta realize i walk in the afternoons
and at night, its not any sneaker thats going to take that
kind of punishment, i just have to find the one that
I have my webcam on, Gerrys on it, this is so nerve
wracking trying to type and know that someone is watching
you.LOL but, i do like it.:) i was in the yahoo chat rooms
before, had the cam on, people came on it, didnt get any
rude remarks which im glad for.:) theres this thing on here
where i can do a live broadcast thing, and whoever has this
certain thing can tune in to see me, well, i tried it,
didnt think anyone would watch, and i got an email from
this guy, said my camera looked good and so did i.LOL i was
so embaressed.:) and another guy told me i had a sexy
smile, he told me that while he was watching me, im sure my
face got beet red.LOL i just love this webcam..LOL
Roy has off tomorrow, i asked him if we could go to ames,
i want to get something where i can listen to music while i
walk, not anything big, i hate carrying things when im
walking, and i worry about someone comming up behind me,
especially at night, and i walk on the roads cause the
sidewalks will kill ya, well, ill see what they have