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2001-11-17 05:03:42 (UTC)


Caitlin came over today with Eric right after school. I
feel like we have drifted so far away, but then we just POP
right in where we started! lol- no matter what I know we'll
always have a strong friendship in eachother, and I know
that we will never get too far in our seperate directions.
Tomorrow I am going to her house to spend the night and
have a fun filled night! YAY! I am so excited.

It is all moving so quickly, but our trust is so great.
Still, the most important things to say or do, can never
REALLY be done. The most important thing we can share, is what we
believe. God and Faith. The most personal beliefs we'll ever be able
to create, are the greatest gifts two people can share with one
another. Greater than any physical contact, or intimate moments, are
the convictions that make us, the beautiful people we are. And you
are so beautiful.

"We might've took the long way,
But we knew we'd get there someday"
(isn't that the truth babe)

Geez~ I need to sleep. I am so very tired tonight. :) Its
been a long week, and it will be a long weekend too. I pray
that Keving will have good luck @ all of his musical
festivities this weekend. And i pray that Mary and Brian
will stay as strong personally, as they are together. For
my parents, that they will resolve everything, at least for
the holidays. Also, I pray ever so much, for my sister
Kelly. That she has a good time this weekend, and she finds
everything she needs in you. I pray for my aunt who has
cancer, and all of her family who wont be able to come up
for Thanksgiving for the first time this year. For all of
my friends and family. For everyone who needs a prayer, and
everybody who has nobody to pray for them, I pray.
Goodnight God. Goodnight world. :)