Procrastination is Key
2001-11-17 05:00:15 (UTC)

Oh the Pain

This is what I felt- and a lot if it- as I watched the
basketball game tonight. Boy is this going to be a LONG
season. I didn't plan on going to the game actually, but
Blake had an extra ticket, I was just gonna stay here and
break the "no homework on fridays" rule. So now I haven't
done any work and I'm pissed off that we lost. Despite that
I did have fun though- friends are nice:-p So the only
productive thing being done tonight is laundry, which is
quite important- its sad b/c I can't even make it til break,
which is going to be tue afternoon for me;-) Gonna take most
of it home though- just want to get enough done to have
something decent to wear:-p
Tomorrow is the football game against Dook, which I am
assuming they will have no trouble winning- anyway I am not
going- I have to help with the parking poilce- hehe- for 4
hours BEFORE the game, so I don't think I will feel like
standing around for ANOTHER 4 hours for the game.
Then I gotta go "shopping" for toys and such to put in shoe
boxes to send to little kids- thanks to Kat I actually have
some sort of idea what to buy:-p
Then on sunday I am doing yard work! so apparently this
weekend is devoted to the good of others:-p I do have to
find time to do the homework that is due mon and tue and
then hopefully I can get ahead too, b/c i have a feeling
that I won't be doing a lot of work while I am at home over
break- not that I will be doing anything exciting- but I
won't feel like doing work either;-)
Oh listen to how stupid I am! I planned on taking the bus to
get my car earlier today and after I sat there waiting at
the bus stop for 15 min!!!!!! I realized that I didn't
actually BRING my freakin car keys. So yeah, as soon as I
realized this the bus went by in the opposite direction-
meaning- I wouldn't have enough time to get to my room and
back b/f it came to the stop. I was pissed but I think it
worked out better though b/c 1- i don't know if i would have
had anywhere to park it once I brought it back b/c of the
basketball game 2- blake took me later which means that I
didn't have to use one of my bus passes!:-p so my stupidity
paid off in the end I guess:-)
Ok so now that everyone knows how much of a dork I am, I
guess that is all- gotta go put my laundry in the dryer
anyway(hopefully there will be at least one open)

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