2001-03-26 05:33:33 (UTC)


so i screwed up earlier. told my girlfriend to read my lil
entries and forgot i had written some shit about her saying
that she made me feel like shit. it really wasnt the case i
was pissed off when i wrote that entry, so i didnt mean she
made me feel like shit...more like bothered.

anyway we ended up having a discussion about how everything
is being one-sided. shes always letting me vent to her but
she never does with me. she said she feels stupid since her
probs are smaller than mine. it still doesnt matter.i cant
sit there and help or do anything if she doesnt let me, so
im left again lost. i dont know what to do to help her.
well see what happens.

anyway my friend jackie and dave are flying in from fl to
help me out since i cant move around much. anyway i dont
have much to say. ill write more later i guess.