It's Hot in Here...
2001-11-17 04:01:38 (UTC)

I don't want to be your...

Uguh...I hate this feeling...It's a combination of boredom
and anger and I just want to do something, and I can't find
anything to do...I was supposed to go paintballing with some
people from church but then I backed out last minute because
I just didn't feel like going and now I just want to do
anything, something...I should probably clean my room, since
it's a freaking mess...It's a good thing I don't have
roommates because they probably wouldn't like me too much
right now...Normally I'm pretty clean, but when things start
to get crazy I just come home change clothes and throw stuff
everywhere...It's nuts...So yeah maybee I should do that,
but I have no cleaning motivation right now, which is not so

And on top of that, I'm very annoyed since I can't find
anything to do and/or anyone to do anything with...And the
things that I usually enjoy seem very boring right now...I
don't want to read, I'm writing so that's good...It's a
really good thing I don't have a TV or else I'd be a
vegtable right now...But I suppose staring at the computer
screen isn't much better...

I've been trying to find people to talk to on instant
messenger, which is odd since I never do that, and the
server thing isn't working so it won't search for anyone...
Maybe I should take this as a sign and just go to bed...But
of course I don't want to do that either and even if I did
I'd probably end up lying there staring at the celing for
hours...Mmmmmm, not too fun...

So hopefully I'll find somthing to do and if not, ehhh, what
can you do?

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