2000-11-15 00:14:14 (UTC)

14-November-2000 Dear Dairy, ..

Dear Dairy,
Today is the start of my on-line diary. And what
a day to start. I have been sick for the last few days and I went to
school today and was feeling a little bit better. And what happens,
Ka-Boom! My mouthy hit. Right in the middle of 4th period. That
didn't help me at all. And on top of that, my back hurt from the
stupid thing. Ehhhh.....I hate periods. Well, the rest of my day was
fine. After the last bell of the day rang I was walking with Amanda
Conckle(sp) and was telling her of my lovley day. And I made the
mistake of saying, "Could my day possibly get any worse?" Of corse it
could. I walked back to my seat and since Danielle Hiet had sat on
the outside on the way to school I was to get on the way home. Fair
deal! Well, she got this HUGE attitude with me and was like, "Im not
even in the mood. Get in there." And I was like No, and I sat my
stuff in the seat across from ours and went up front and sat with
Amanda. It's alot better up there. I am going to ask Cathy, the bus
driver, if I can sit with her in the afternoons. But later on the
ride when it was close to my stop I was going to have my stuff passed
up but, "Little miss, I think Im big and tough" wouldn't let them. I
do not like her at all! I dont want to sit with her or be near her! I
cant stand her. And she took it in to liking to call my some names
witch puts her on my bad list. And unless I get a reason why she
acted that way and an apologly, then that's where she can stay. And
when she does, she'll still be on my "ifey" list of people you I
don't really like to well but will talk to. I did get some test back
today. I got a 65.5/72, witch is like an A or A-. I bet Markus
Zarrins. Hehehe. He is such a hottie. I might go out with him if he
likes me, whick I know he does. He like me and Janet Springer, who I
sit with. He flirts with oth of us all the time! But, he's sexy in
he's own way so we let him. Janet is so cool. She is the best. Like I
can totally talk to her. And she's not like everyone else I know at
school who arn't christian's or I don't know thet are or they are
flakes. She does't include a curse word in every sentence. Like Arica
Wolfe does alot. She is like polite in that way and I really like
that. And she is just easy to talk to. And I am hoping we become
better friends. And we are going to get together and go out. Like me
and her and our boyfriends. Well, my boyfriend and whoever she
is "dating" that night. lol
Well, my boyfriend is totally sweet. His name is Michael Zachery
Bushwald. He is 20 years old. A little old, I know. He is very cute.
He is a christian. (If he wasn't I woulnd't date him) He lives in
Akron. (Bummer, 2 hours away. But he does like to visit me)
He is tall, and built. And we been dating since
28-October-2000 Almost a month. And I really like him alot. I mean he
is cool, we got alot in common, we just clicked, we talk easy to each
other, we got simliar religion beliefs, and he is just so sweet. He
always say the sweetest things to me. I love him dearly. But, the
only thing is I am dating this guy over the net in England. And I
told him tonight I just want to date. So that I can date him, David
Rhys Roberts, and Michael. See, witch one I like best, get along with
best and all that. Then choose. Im just afraid, Im going to really
like them both. From where I am looking right now, I see myself with
Michael a little more in some areas coz he lives close but, then Dave
coz we been together since 29-July-1999. A long time. I dunno, I
guess God and time will decide. Well, I am going to go. Boy, this is
quite a long, first entry. But many more will follow. See ya!