Fragrant Whispers and Confusing Thoughts
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2001-11-17 03:45:03 (UTC)

Life Since I've Been Gone

Well, I haven't been writing in like forever so here's the
update... The US was bombed on SEPT.11, 2001. I was in
Challenge English when I first heard about it. I still
like "Spike". But now, I really like "Dreds"!!! He's not
hott...well neither of them are really hott but it's mainly
their personalities that make them cute. Lately they've
been hangin with me! They're soooo awsome!! It's weird but
they've just like been tryin to be friends with me lately.
I guess they've finally realized wut i've known all
along... That we'd be great friends...just lookin at them
and their personalities I could thell that we'd have awsome
times together. But I'd still like be more!! Well, I G2G!!!