Dancing Queen 07

The Story of Her
2001-11-17 03:42:09 (UTC)

November 16, 2001

This is the first day of this whole diary thing. As I look
back I wish i would have kept a diary so when i am older i
can look back it and laugh cuz of how stupid i am! haha.
Well i am going to start now cuz i do get a lot of laughs
from my really good friends, and highschool is especially a
time to laugh and enjoy myself.

This is my first year in highschool, and i am freshie of
course! My best friend Amanda Waynick and I are still
closer then ever and even though threw the summer we had
some hard times we are alike yet different in the same way
and we juss get a long .. maybe thats why we are the best
of friends. Caroline and I use to be like BEST FRIENDS
until she started cheerleading now she is too cool i guess
and she always seems to have an attitude towards me.. it
makes me upset cuz we use to be tight but now we are juss
saying are hellos and goodbyes and nothing else! it sucks!!
Ashley Afelt wow thats another story! Me and her became
really super duper close over the summer but now all the
seniors and sophomores want her so she is usually all stuck
up. That sucks too i juss hope she realizes i before its
too late because she coudl get any guy she wants to but her
attitude doesnt help the gal! Rasha and me are still really
close and always will be. We seperated last year cuz , i
haev to admit, i kinda got wrapped up in the popular thing
and really juss left her to the side cuz i kinda thought
she would always be there , even tho she still is there for
me i took a big risk and i doubt ill ever do it again
because she is a great person. Crystal is really awesome me
and her are really good friends in school and she is
always there for me to talk to . its great i luv her for
that. We never really hang out outside of school but
actually because i am on the dance team i really dont have
anytime for anyone really ... its kinda disappointed cuz i
never get to see my friends anymore and they arent really
close to me except for Amanda Waynick and Rasha. Its funny
cuz i have been friends with them ever since they came to
Pearl lEan, Rasha in 3rd, Waynick in 5th.I guess i know
that they are my true friends.. iyts good to have good
friends cuz when u are havin a bad time in ur lfie they can
really cheer you up.

Well enough about the gurls lets chat bout they guys...

Oh damn guys are just bad ok!

JustinAgents~ screwed me over~ screw him Note to self: dont
get involved with that guy ... he is bad news

Mike Kus.One guy that i can always depend on. he is the
most sweetest guy ever and i seriously could say i love
him.I dont think i could say that about any guy and
actually mean it... he is juss the bestestest guy friend i
could ever have.

Ryan Guz~ he is a sweetie and get to talk to on the
phone... we should get better friends as the year goes on.

There are so many guys i should name but i wont because
then illl keep going. Basically when u hear the word MAn..
think to urself.. BoY and when you hear boy think about
immature... now that will get you threw life! LoL

dance team:As the only freshie, the baby of the team, i
LOVE IT! Dance is great and i can express myself threw this
awesome art! Sometimes iw ish i was never on the team but
most of the time i am like DAMN I AM ON THIS TEAM.. whoa
whao whoa.. i juss get all excited... i am so hapy to be on
this team and actually i think i can say i deserved it cuz
i work my ASS of.

My family.. basically its pretty kewl except for some of
the tiems when my parents are jack-ups and my brothers are
gay.. thats a whole nother story that i can tell later..

well this is a long into that only outlines my life! more
to come.....