The gnarly adventures of Stormo
2001-11-17 03:09:48 (UTC)


Last nite was my sistas 21st. I gotta say it went really
Shit theres so much to say but I just can't be fucked.
Barney (name changed) is pritty hot. Well sort of actually.
Anyway he seemed to be flirting with me a lot which was
sort of bizarre since he has a girlfriend. Also Nibbles
(name changed) was to, which is also sort of scarey cos
he's quite old. More then twice my age anyway.
But it was good. I hope I don't get my ass kicked tho for
all the photo's I took. They shouldn't have put me in
charge of that. Um but yeah it was good.
Shit I jsut can't be fucked.
Got an exam on Tuesday which is, well yeah man I dunno what
the hell that subjects even about. I should have gone to
some of the classes. Oh well.
Man this diary is a load of junk. No wonder no one ever
reads it.