Blooded Kez

Thoughts of a crazy person
2001-11-17 03:07:34 (UTC)

the past

......why, oh why do we have memorys. I hate to admit it
but i cant stop thinking about my ex, and wen i was with
him in birmingham, i dont know....i mean im not
concentrating on it.... but i keep getting little thoughts
and its kinda upsetting me, it was great, just holding his
hand walking around....not for the aspect of 'oh look we're
holding hands' but i actualy felt safe, we get on...and
say.. even if we hadnt been kinda together, it still would of
been good to hold his hand, i felt close to him, like he
looked after me....oh well, this is me moping.....being
boring and being very very tired, i dont think im ever
going to be with thats my life fucked.

todays been ok, not much to say about it.....kirst foned
me, nothin special....... gonna scoot


"im cold, im ugly, im always confused by everything, i can
stare into a thousand eyes, but every smile holds a bold
faced lie"