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2001-11-17 03:04:07 (UTC)

I Want To Be A Little Kid Again

I need to get a grip on things. I wish I could solve all
me problems with the swish of a hand.

Mom and me got in a really big fight today. Yea it was
pretty bad. In the car. I felt like shit and she started
in on how work is so inconsistant with getting schedules
out and how tops always had schedules out at the same time
and they had more employers. Well yea they also had more
managers. Hmmmmmmmmmmm could that have to do with
anything. Well any ways she deniys its but she told me to
make my managers give me my schedule and i blew up.

Did i mention i had a shitty day.

Yea, I had to miss my lesson to take a test in math. I
didnt finish the test. I had to deal with Jaramillo
bitching bout the website. And then when i started to walk
away shes all like whats wrong matt. You havent smiled in
like 2 weeks and your dont seem happy. So i give her a
fake smile and walk off. Oh yea thats for the second time
that period. I walk outta journalism a lot. And then Mr.
Chan saw me and went into me about the test. And i had to
make a speech and was nervous as hell.

Well so i come home and moms like were going shopping bout
3:30. So I get in the car and mom and alicia start in on
me and i flipped.

I no get to talk to trika. Shes at erins house. I really
miss her. I got to get my faith together for her and god.
I know she really wants me to belive and i try to but its
hard. Well im gonna go.

I love you trika.

Laters all