2001-11-17 02:31:21 (UTC)


today when my alarm sounded, i decided to have a me-day.
it's a day when i dont go to classes and just relax. i've
never taken the whole day off classes..i usually just skip
one class towards the end of my school day but never
decided to take the entire day off so it felt kinda nice.
i would never skip discussion but from yesterday's
experience with my political psychology class..i thought it
was best to not go to discussion when i haven't read.
besides, there was a research paper due yesterday and she
was probably going to talk about the stuff in lecture which
i understood. i dont know..i guess that was my
justification to ease my guilt for not going to class.. my
other class is really boring so i dont feel as bad not
going to it. today has been pretty good so far..very
relaxing..i got a lot of sleep.

i had a meeting with someone today and we just talked about
anything that's on our mind. what's going on? what's on
my mind? anything bothering me? stuff like that.. sounds
like a shrink session huh? hehe.. it's not..although
sometimes i do say, "i'm going to see my shrink" to people
who wonder where i'm going. anyways..i should relax so i'll stop