dismal life
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2001-11-17 02:28:16 (UTC)

I feeeeel SPECIAL!

Ahhh...Today kinda sucked when I got caught with a fucking
note that was supposed to go to Lizzie but ended up in my
principal's handss...BLAH! Got in trouble and my mom was
fucking pissssed...Got angry and cried..Wore myself
out...Then the savior came over to make me feel
better...God I love him. I love him so much. He makes me
feel good.

Mikey came like at 5:30 and stayed till 9...We had a good
time together. When I feel like God doesn't have a place
for me...Mikey always shows up to make me feel like I'm
special...I feel bad because I saw being a bitch to him for
the past couple of days...SELF-FISH ME! BLAH! He knows I
love him though...

Almost killed myself today...Taking my medication regulary
but doesn't seem to help. The therapist called to send me
to Mountainside....AHH! Been there too many times...Glad I
didn't go. Feeling better...


This is what I got in trouble for...

Trentcoat- $100
Assualt rifle- $200
The look on your classmates faces- priceless..