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2001-11-17 01:47:58 (UTC)


since i'm so healthy i stayed home sick yet again. woo hoo!
really didn't feel like going to school or work, i
seriously needed a day off, even thought i just had one.
how convienient that i had a pre calc test? i'm smarter
than i look..haha. it's even harder to breathe than it was
before, but only sometimes..right now i'm cool. maybe it's
the new blood pressure medicine so i don't get auroas,
(even though it has yet to work) or maybe i'm just more
stresed out...prolly the latter...see on thursday i was
really really ansy in school, and i thought i was gonna
freak out or somepin, so i took a day off, and i know i'll
be fine for work tommora. lis was supposed to call me to
hang out tonight..but she didn't. what else is new. friends
what? anywho, i'm in a pretty good mood, pretty stress free
day, haha. although every time i eat i wanna puke and
everytime i don't eat i feel really hungry. i think it's
some torture virus designed specially for me. considering
pretty much everyone else that i know hates food, what else
could it be? haha. except felicia...but i'm not getting
into that. also had less tolerance for her lately..and a
lot of things. i keep having imaginary fights with people
in my head...hehe that's normal isn't it? but it's not
totally crazy, b/c a, normally when i do that i have the
fight anyway, and b it's about perfectly reasonable things,
not random. so i'm not crazy if that's what your thinking.
but according to that emode test i'm as looney as they
come...but i have a good balance of not being crazy.
basically i have a tendency towards "not normal" behaviour
and thoughts, but my feet are on the ground. hehe. tests
are fun when i'm bored. oh and rich to answer your question
when your bored how about you get your own diary and write
in that?????? i think it's a good idea..then i can know
what your up to. that goes to all of you who read this and
don't have one....and chris. update yours. it's not the
first week of october anymore! hehe. still breathing
fine..wowie. well this was a long entry especially
considering i had a boring day. thanx for the messages!!! i
love you guys!!!! (and yes only because you left
messages...except we know that isn't true wink wink) keep
it up! and you who didn't leave messages...chop chop...can
you tell i'm bored?