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2001-11-17 01:45:34 (UTC)

This week has sucked.....

dear you....this is my first entry. i havent kept a diary
in years but i figured what the hell! yah, this week has
pretty much sucked. i cant get my mind off of zane. its not
fair. am i goin to feel like this forever? in the back of
my mind i know i shouldnt even care. i mean he doesnt even
have the decency to write me back. i dont know. i was in
love. i am in love. no matter how many times i can say im
not thinking about him anymore and that im through
trying...i cant help it. i can go maybe a day without him
haunting my mind and then hes back again and i get all sad
and think that i cant go on without him. its sucks! cause
then there is this new guy and hes so sweet but i cant even
find myself thinking of ever being with someone else. and
its not fair to that guy! maybe this is how it is suppose
to be?? maybe he's goin to come back to me? i said i cant
just sit around and wait. but my heart wont let me do
anything else. its been almost 2 months now. can you
believe that? i have to wake up from this nightmare soon!
im going to drive myself crazy thinking about it. i havent
done anything productive this week. all i wanna do is
sleep. that sucks! i have so much i need to get done. but i
have no motive right now. i hope things will get better
soon! i guess i just have good weeks and bad weeks. you
think the bad will go away? im begining to wonder. oh well
im outta here~

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