Blooded Kez

Thoughts of a crazy person
2001-11-17 01:42:48 (UTC)


yeah well the title says it not exactly in the
best mood and im not sure why, maybe cuz im sick of being
ignored and taken for granted. Im sick to death of being
told stuff by people, im sick of back stabbers, im sick to
fucking death of my god forsaken friends... y'know....wen
slipknot wrote surfacing... they were so right.

"Fuck it all, fuck this world, fuck everything that you
stand for, dont belong, dont exist, dont give a shit, dont
ever judge me"

I swear im wound up so tight i feel like im going to snap,
at anyone.... people FUCK ME OFF! and i wish i could be
happy for once....yeah, fuck depressed... yeah i
wish i wasnt alive....BIG FUCKING one cares

"cut my wrists, show me my lessons" i hate this world....i
hate my home, i hate the shit i have to put up with, i hate
the fact that i have to watch people going about there
lifes, so normaly.. wen im so fucked up in the head. Sounds
so cheesy to say....but my fellow maggots are the only ones
i can turn to right now, because everyone else seems to not
want to take notice, they dont give a shit what im doing,
what im thinking, as long as i stay oout of there lives, as
long as i dont bother them, then everythings cool....well
everything isnt fucking cool, this is the first fucking
time ive actualy spilled my guts and spoke abou this. I
dont always feel fucking like this, and im starting to cool
now, but jesus i get so wound hurts inside.

I think im going to leave it like this, might do another
one before i go to bed