A Confession of Love
2001-03-26 04:48:29 (UTC)

Mon Mar 19, 2001 3:13 PM EST ..

Mon Mar 19, 2001
3:13 PM EST


This will be the last entry I write for a long time. I am
going to try my best to explain why so bare with me...
I honestly feel that what happened this weekend was a sign.
A sign that you and Mel are meant to be together. It seems
like we were actually getting to the point where we thought
that it might have been us, but I just don't think it was.
I believe that all things happen for a reason. Whether that
reason is clear at first or not. And I do believe that
Mel's step father passing away was a sign that she really
does need you. More than you know. And I DO NOT want to be
at fault for you not being there for her.
So I have decided to just step back, enjoy our friendship
and wish you two the best. I hope that you understand that
I am not doing this for her, for you, or for me. I am doing
this for US. For our friendship. I don't want to get to the
point where we feel awkward talking to each other about
things that are happening in our lives. And I think
pursuing this any farther right now would do just that. I
hope you understand.