the ups and downs of my life
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2001-11-17 00:40:35 (UTC)

basketball and alcia w/ sneakers lol

basket ball practice was tonite and it wasnt th at bad and
on monday we have our 1st scrimage so i am have lots of
homework that i will work on this weekend that way i dont
ave to do anthing when i get home from the scrimage at 10.
well my one friend is going to join b/c there r only 9 ppl
on our team and we need more. im glad the coach has to call
her to see if it is ok w/ him that she cant come on the
weekeds because she has to go to her dadshouse. i hope she
can join b/c she is cool/ wll im getting better at and i am
so happy but no where near where i want to be so i will
practice today and tomorrow at hom eother b4 or after
practice or maybe both :) but i also have to write one 300
wrd essay and one 5 page report this weeked so i wont have
that much free time :) i think i am going to get up at 5 on
sunday to watch that meteor shower it will be cool
hopefully. it better be worth me getting up at 5!!! i am
not a morning personn!! one more thiong today alicia didnt
have sneakers for gym so she went into her friends locker
to boorow them co she gets them from britts locker and after
gym she tells britt she has her sneakers britt was
like"there r no shoes in my locker and mine has a lock on
it" alcia got shoes form someones elses locker so she gave
them to dannielle b/c she had gym w/ her next. as we went to
our next class the girl was freaking out b/c her sneakers
were gone!! it was so funny. we were picking on alicia and
alicia told the girl she took hers by ccident. it was funny.
we gpt tp run through the school at practice and it was fun.
one more thing.... when anyone tells me how to improve at
b-ball i listen to them and am gratful b/c i want to
improve but whenn tracys dad tells me something i get mad i
dont say anything but i dont know it is wierd. i hope i get
to be myp b/c i suck now and i want to see if i can improve
to get that i htink that would be cool i hope i get it. well
i know i said it b4 but i am done now.