AngeL w/o WinGs

-=-My So Called Life-=-
2001-11-17 00:36:54 (UTC)

Sell My Old Clothes I'm Off To Heaven...I wish day. It went by fast, it really doesn't feel like
a Friday. I wonder if people think that I am a stuckup
snob....or bytch...or something. I really am not tho, I am
just shy, and sometimes I just like to be alone and I daze
off and daydream and don't like to talk. Ahh Brad Brach
just signed on. Holy shiznitz. Don't know what to do....ahh
I want to im him, but I don't. I might have if Brittany
hadnt totally and completely embarassed me I might have,
but....uhh I cant now. My mom is being a bytch and turning
the volume up on the tv cuz she said im typing too loud,
but wen i am watching tv there....and have the volume on at
a DECENT volume she yells at me and makes me turn it down,
bc the comp is next to the tv. fuck that. corey is being
really annoying lately too, maybe he always was....and it
had just grown on me and i never really noticed it anymore.
he IS hott....but his annoying'ess covers it up. Andrew n
Marisa r finally kinda sorta 2gether. Yesterday me Amanda
S., Amanda D., an of course Marisa made the video for Joe,
it was awesome, and i couldnt dance...but amazingly enuff i
can now. Well not much on my mind, so i'll be going now.
goodnight you all....and brad is still on! grrrr