Valkyrie of Velois

The Days of Deaths
2001-11-17 00:03:08 (UTC)

The High School Of Torture

Today, A FRIDAY!!, I had three tests and two quizes; I
don't want to complain but by the last one my mind was gone
and I started drawing a big black hole with my pencil on the
page...The teacher looked at me funnily as I turned it in.
I could not even answer the last question since my brain was
tired of tests and it revolted against me; the cruelity of
it all!
My father has finally left for Japan. I do not like him.
He finally has gotten the point he should have spent more
time with me when I was but a wee child but now it is too
I have grown up into a depressed teenager that hates
almost everybody even her friends on some days and who will
not let anyone touch her. I can not stand being touched.
My parents I guess didn't belive in hugging their kids.
So now when anyone brushes against me I get all annoyed and
give them a glare with my eyes. I know this is true, I have
been trying for a while to reset my mind so I can at least
stand getting brushed by a person in the hall but it was all
for nothing and I can not stand it!

Valkyrie of Velios