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2001-11-16 23:40:11 (UTC)

Catching Up

I caught up on a lot of missed sleep last night. I think I
slept almost ten hours. I had many dreams but I can't
remember even one.

Because the boys didn't have school on Monday because of the
Veteran's Day holiday they did today to make up for it. Our
district is on a four day week so there usually isn't school
on Fridays which makes for a three day week-end for them
nearly every week. They'll get a four-day week end next
week for Thanksgiving.

John is working a 12-hour day shift on Thanksgiving so we'll
just have our dinner at 6:30 p.m when he comes home from

Today has been another quiet day at home but tomorrow I'll
need to catch up on some housework I've been neglecting. I
may also begin baking fruitcakes.

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