2001-11-16 23:37:38 (UTC)


Today my mom called, and I GOT INTO COLLEGE!!!!! I am sooo excited.

I only applied to one place, because of stuff going on at home I wanted to be
close and such, and I just found out today, and I had set myself up for failure soo
much that I am soo surprised! I am really, really happy though. I'll be close to
friends and my boyfriend and my family, and I'll be getting an education.

I don't start till mid-January, so I even have lots of time at home to just hang out.

I am going to college, I am going to college!!! I am the happiest little girl ever right
now. This will be the best weekend! My best friend is coming in one hour, just
one hour, to visit me for a few days.

I must go and prepare for her arrival, but I am just going to burst with excitement.
My mom told me about fifteen minutes ago, and I called my boyfriend right away,
and he was excited for me, and that I'm coming home soon, and I love him, and I
love my mom, and I love everyone, and life!

Hehe, this is quite a change from my "fuck fuckity fuckness" of my last few entries.
My anger seems to have melted away now that I've been fully doused with this
grand news. Now I don't have to worry about figuring out a plan to support
myself next semester. I can just learn and not worry! I'll be home next week for
Thanksgiving and then I can sign up for my classes and get coffee with my friends
and go to diners all night with my boyfriend and eat yummy food with my family
and drive my wonderful car!

Yaaayyyyy life.