hey it's in my head wasting space!
2001-11-16 23:34:41 (UTC)

playing hard to get?

Why must guys play hard to get. Don't get me wrong...the
chase is all the fun but what happens after? It's a big
boom in the end! I've had a couple experiences where I
spent so much time thinking about "how" to get the guy I
didn't ask myself why. lol. That is such a pain. Especially
when you're positive of your feelings! That doesn't sound
like it makes much sense...but I like this guy so much and
it's so hard to even get a hold of him. Drives me nuts. I
just hope I don't get so wrapped up into winning the
game...that I lose thought of why I'm actually after him.
Sigh. Ohwell. Going to spend time with my best friend
tonight. Dinner and a movie... I suppose if I can't spend
time with him I can spend time with the first best person.
Should be alright. Have an appt. with a modeling agency in
the morning. Hour drive...not quite looking forward to it
actually but who knows maybe the rest of my day will go
better. Friend of mine wanted me to go to her steady's
appartment and party tomorrow but not sure if I'm really up
to it. Gotta get ready now. Till later...ta ta

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