Evil Elvis
2001-11-16 23:01:11 (UTC)

rest please??

Friday at very long last....thank god for that!

Have been having a pretty naff week, work has been pretty
damn stressful and I'm being narky with folk for no
particular reason-sorry if I've narked at you, it's not
you, it's me (hey that sounds familiar..)

Been in a major Pink Floyd frenzy this week, haven't
listened to anything else all week until Barn sent me one
of his storming Drum n Bass songs....yes I'll be having
that cd thanks!! Anyway, Floyd...intersting band. I admire
their ability to radically change themselves, the way they
would do whatever the fuck they wanted just because they
felt like it....I miss that about music these days. Too
many bands are hung up on what the label wants and end up
becoming a watered down version of themselves....but what
do I know, I'm just a frustrated bedroom noodler...

Seaking of which, think I'm finally getting hold of a
Behringer V-Amp...WOOHOO!!! HAPPY DAYS!!!

See, things are looking up...now if only work would sort
itself out, then some love life might be nice, debts get
sorted and flat fixes itself then maybe I can be
happy...then again :)

Ah well...to bed with me, an end to this most bizarre of