A Confession of Love
2001-03-26 04:45:14 (UTC)

Sat Mar 17, 2001 12:39 AM EST ..

Sat Mar 17, 2001
12:39 AM EST

"Afraid of Loving You..."

Afraid of Loving You...

I'm so Afraid Of Loving You
I don't know where it's heading to
If we will ever have the chance
To share ourselves, and this romance.

I'm so afraid, now that I've fallen
Your name inside my head keeps calling
Always hoping, needing to know
If I'll ever get the chance to show.

I love you, and it will not change
Still out of reach, and out of range
Just needing once to be holding you
To find out if you need me too.

I'm so Afraid Of Loving You
It's got me feeling so confused
It makes me happy, makes me ask
If both of us can leave our past?

I'm feeling scared of moving on
But you, I have my sight upon
I need to find out, if it's us
If we're the future, it's a must.

I cannot wonder for much longer
It's this spell you have me under
Lost within what's on my mind
You can't escape me, not this time.

We somehow have to find a way
To be together, spend a day
To see if then our feelings flow
To see if love runs high or low.

To find out if it's what we think
And see if we're the missing link
If we're the pieces we both need
And let our hearts, then take the lead.

I'm so Afraid Of Loving You
But can't you see we're black and blue?
We're rhyme and reason, leather and lace
I need to see this face to face.

I have to see you, somehow soon
Just holding close, under the moon
To feel you closely, next to me
To see your eyes, and know completely.

Yet, still Afraid Of Loving You
I need to see if our love's true
It's something that we both must do
Then over, Afraid Of Loving You.