Pandora's Box
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2001-11-16 22:29:42 (UTC)



14 oz. Hot chocolate
1 c. grapes
2 pringles
1 sandwich
2 slices wheat bread
1 slice turkey
1 slice cheese
4 leaves lettuce

4:30 p.m.
So I think maybe I will start working out. I feel like I gave in
today, by eating that sandwich. Even though it was really more
lettuce than anything. I think I may try and burn as many calories as
I consume (easy when I don't eat much). If that doesn't work I may
have to start living off of negative calorie foods. As it is, every
time I go to eat anything I eat grapes frantically hoping I'll fill
up and not want whatever it is I'm about to eat, but that didn't work
with the sandwich. It was really good, though. I'm sure if I had a
scale I wouldn't think it was worth it, but since I don't I can say
it is. I'm gonna work out tonight. I think I'll do 30 minutes on the
elliptical and then run lines on the track. At least I took my
multivitamin today.