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2001-11-16 21:51:24 (UTC)

i love my job

So the kid that was supposed to work nightturn called off
again yesterday, so I told my assistant manager that I'd
work because damn do I need the money. I have a show
tonight I hope we get a decent turn out. Candy is gonna go
so thats cool, she actaully called me and asked if I wanted
her to go I was so happy about that none of my friends ever
go to this shit. Anyway, I'm gonna talk to Kat tonight and
hopefully go visit TJ tomorrow. I'm so tired and I feel
like Im getting sick, I better not be.
That ass that I work with says he has Hepitightus (i
know thats not how you spell it) I dont know too much about
that but I think the little prick is lying and so does
everyone else at the store. Oh well more later maybe I
gotta get my scrpits and get ready for the show.

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