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2001-11-16 21:27:06 (UTC)

*november 15 - half-day*

left school @ 11.15 cuz we had a half day...dint want to

i was beyond depressed, and i had history so it was worse
cuz its so boring and i got no frens, at least i sit nex to
jamey tho
hes cool.

but i dont feel like i gotne frens anyway. like im just
tagging along...everyone seems to have a best friend and i
just basically hang out with everyone. me and jelysa are
pretty close. but it feels weird now when its me her and
dennis, i dunno why besides that i dun have anthony. but it
dint feel weird before, even when anthony wasnt around

he talked to me today...he said bye kimm,
i found a blue post-it not at the bottom of my locker
"hi kimm its anthony im not mad at you just to let ya know"

wish he could have said it to me.. but im glad he doesnt
hate me
even i would hate me

for what i did....

but its still weird
and its gonna be, for a while

i wonder if we'll get back together?

*MxPx - teenage politics*