Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2001-11-16 21:19:06 (UTC)

Nov 16, 2001

Today's life story:

Alas, I worked again this morning. Again, after a whopping
4 hours of sleep. Man oh man, it was tough. I'm still
having trouble keeping my head up straight. On top of
that, I have a splitting headache. Of course, screaming
children don't help out either. Their momma just left to
pick up some popcorn that she had ordered for the folks
that live here in our neighborhood to help support the cub
scouts...specifically, the pack that my oldest son belongs
to. Wow, it worked, to shush screaming children, put the
tv on cartoons and put the volume all the way up.

I live near the beach...some of the prettiest beaches
can be seen here. My job this morning involved some
traveling, and I got to see how beautiful the water was
today on our way back this afternoon. I would
say 'gorgeous', but that term has been overused to describe
goshdarn goodlooking people, and so I'm going to reserve
the term 'beautiful', because that's just what it was.
It's near indescribable to write about how slate blue the
water was, of how the sun shone all its glory into a little
inlet, or how deep green the trees hugging the coastline
were. Even the cottages and the retail outlet stores that
passed by seemed to fit in with the whole image of "beach
town". Nature can be pleasing to the eye at times, and if
your spirit and soul are attuned to it, it can be
particularly thrilling too. Not a constant thrill, mind
you, but a 'brief little shock to your spine' thrill.