The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
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2001-11-16 21:04:30 (UTC)

Monday Day After The Weekend We Pilled

I had went to school, usualy skippn gym to go sit with
Christine and Luke at thier lunch period. Well when I had
got there Christine and I had noticed that Lukasz wasnt
sitting with us. So she had brought up 2 nights before when
she knew she had a feeling it was Nick who threw her shit
out the window. When Lukasz had came back to sit with us he
ove heard me say to chrisitne, " If it wasnt Nick who did
it, who was it then?" I thought nothing about it when
Lukasz was there listening to our conversaton. I shol of
though. When 6th period was ending I came out of the class
room and asked Nick what was up, he said he didnt want to
talk to me any more so i asked why? He said ask Lukasz. I
knew what it was about so I just got realy issed and never
went back to school again.. I'm sure you already know this
part, cause i've talked about it before. Well any ways sine
that day Luke hasnt been my firen. I would call to ask why,
but all he had ever told me was that to never call him or
talk to him ever again.. Well thats it for know I will talk
to you laters..Bye..byes