The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
2001-11-16 20:53:42 (UTC)

The Weekend Of the Pill Part 1 Sunday

This weekend I pilled by Christines. Soposally Nick threw
all of hristnes bathroom appliences out her tp window.. I
think that something here is very shady. I think that Luke
knows that Nick did it. But who knows? This weekend was a
good one even though I slept in Christines dad's truck with
Lukasz and Nick.. It was a fun time. When Nick had gotten
up like 7 in the norning he had left, so me and Lukasz went
up stairs in Chrisitnes house and blazed a roach...We stood
there for a little while and then we had went home.Well
Talk to you laters still ove Lukasz..Bye Byes