The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
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2001-11-16 20:40:38 (UTC)

September 20,2001

This morning I woke u to go to Paramus Tech but I didnt
go..WHY?... Cause I ant to be wih my friends, especialy
Luke. Anyways I got up and had a fight with my mother. It
wasnt her fault, it was mine. Just picture it this way, how
would you feel if you were in love with someone and they
werent in love with you. I am just starting to pay
attentionto life and it already sux.. After he fight with
my mother, I had left to go pick up Christine. On my way I
saw A little Tricycle annd I stareted to scooter it to her
house. Some how though, I fell fowards losing my ballance
and fucking up my chin, my elbow, and my palm of my hand.
It hurts, but not as much as life does its self.. When will
there ever be a day when thig work out.? WHO KNOWS? I have no
one to talk to, Lukasz dnt even really want to talk to me. Well I
really dont know what to say or think any more, and I really dont
care.. The herb has took it step back into my life, and there is
nothing I could do anymore. If only if I was more like Lukasz. He
listens to his mother and does what he has to do. And he needs time
to still grow up..Well thats it see you laters..By..byes..