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2001-11-16 20:21:51 (UTC)


I'm so relieved. Shannon gave me my earrings this
morning. I had accidentaly left them up at the station two
weeks ago, and they were missing. I've been so upset about
it, because they are kinda expensive and really special
(especially the sapphires), and I know it sounds stupid,
but they really do mean a lot. Actually, i only got 3 of
them back; both of the sapphires, and one of the hoops,
but that's ok. It turns out Brandon had picked them up,
and he's had other things to worry about lately; his son
died last week, and so he's really going through a lot. I
feel bad for him. Hopefully he'll be ok. But i am very
greatful to him for finding/keeping track of my earrings
for me.