The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
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2001-11-16 20:17:16 (UTC)

September 19,2001

Today wasn't so bad, but it was bad enough. I need to talk
to Luke. I need to tell him that things are fucked up!
Sometimes it bothers me because Chrisitne, Luke, and I were
like three knots, Always Together .. Damn life seems too
complicating for me. Is a friend someone who will be with
you for ever, or no? What I feel inside tells me that a
friend is someoe who will listen to you and give you advice.
Things dont seem to be like that nomore. When I met Lukasz
he wa more than a friend has ever been to me, besides
Christine. Lukaz never made fun of me, he nevertalked shit,
and he was always there for me. Not Nomore Why? That is
the question I ask...If I stop trying on our friendship,
then it is just going to fall apart. I dont want that to
happen... Well nothing more to say speak to you soon..Bye