My Life As A Teen
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2001-11-16 19:48:01 (UTC)

Friday, November 16, 2001; 2:32pm; School

Ohhh magod!!! 1...TGIF...2...yesterday my dad told me i
have mono!!! Well, let me start from the
beginning...yesterday i left school early to go to the
doctor cause i have been sick since Nov. 4...they took a
strep test and that was negetive, sooo they took blood
test. After that they said they would call later to tell
me if i had mono or not, sooo i went to my tap-jazz class.
Right after class my dad picked me up and told me i had

This morning i felt ok so i went to school cause i missed 2
days last week and the five day weekend is coming up for
thanksgiving and i don't want to miss out an any really
important work. but what really bites, is that the middle
school fall formal is tonight and i am going to have to
miss it cause of this stuipd sickness!!! Uughh!!! and i
cannot have my friend alex over after the dance for a
"semi-sleep over"...and i cannot invite my the guy that i
wanted to come with me to the reg. fall formal for 8th-12th
but he had to go out of town...ugh!...anyway i hope that
anyone that reads this stop sharing drinks with people
cause MONO STINKS!!!!...mono is only pass by share
salava/spit...and when u have mono u have to stop doing ALL
physical sports(soccor,bball, etc.), p.e.,
and i had to stop taking dance classes...ugh!!!

Anyway...bye for now!!!
Lauren aka super suzie