Roy Whiteside

My Intersex Chaos
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2001-11-16 18:58:29 (UTC)

Just a bad time

Dear Diary,
How would you like to be raped by a stranger, whore's
mother is tha manager, of tha apartment complex U reside.
So many problems U don't know where to start. Mainly,
becuase U were born intersex, and society will only except
gay. Which I am not GAY, I am INTERSEX. My friends guess I
can call them. I cannot be tha P and V words are to big in
my chain of thought.

I am still triing to get out of my apartment, tha one I
hate. Tha bitch lied, she said she would move us back to
our original apartments, as soon modifications were
finshed. I live two down tha street and around tha corner
from my old apartment.


Part Two
(My twelve years old cousin is being raped, by a bad tom
luke imitation and bashed by tha gay community. Why do they
tha word intersex?)