A Confession of Love
2001-03-26 04:29:12 (UTC)

Fri Mar 9, 2001 3:54 AM EST ..

Fri Mar 9, 2001
3:54 AM EST

Thinking Only Of You

Thinking only of you when I lay in the night.
Seeing you and I dance in the bright moonlight.
Wishing you were here to share my open thoughts.
Comfort me when I'm sad, and forgive me for my faults.

Thinking only of you, take what's in my heart.
Let us become closer, and never stray apart.

Thinking only of you, holding your hand...
holding you tightly,
and loving you the best I can.

So the next time your heart beats
Every minute a few...
Remember I'm thinking only of you.

The perfect picture...

Dancing along the beach,
the breeze whispering against my hair,
that picture seems so perfect,
maybe because you're there?

With the setting sun to watch over us,
we run wild and free,
together once again to roam,
together, you and me.

We stop to catch our breath,
and I look into your eyes
they show me the truth,
and they tell me no lies.

What I see in your eyes,
is the reflection of mine,
nothing can keep us apart,
and to me, that's fine.

As I continue to glance into your eyes,
there is something I must say,
to tell you how much I care,
even when you're far away.

So take me into your arms,
and hold me through the night,
and by doing this,
I know everything's going to be alright.

The sun has set,
and the stars twinkle brightly above,
you sit there and look at me
and tell me "it's you I love"

I just had to say,
that I feel it too,
and one last thing...