A Confession of Love
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2001-03-26 04:27:32 (UTC)

Mon Mar 5, 2001 10:49 AM EST ..

Mon Mar 5, 2001
10:49 AM EST

"?¿?¿?¿Is It Possible?¿?¿?¿"

Is it possible??? Is it possible to love someone before
you even know them??? To fall in love with only the dream
that you know they will be there one day??? The dream that
someone will come along and give you all that you could
possibly want??? The dream that you have longed to come
true for all of your life??? Is it possible to find that
someone and not actually "find" them. For them to be an
everday part of your life but never really meet??? To fall
so hopelessly in love with them that you find yourself
struggling through the day to just to make it one minute
without thinking of them??? To totally let go of all the
MILLIONS of bad things that have happened TO you because of
the HUNDREDS of things they have done FOR you??? If this is
possible then I have found that overwhelming, unbeatable,
and undying kind of love. But yet I have found it so hard
to express this love to him. Maybe because I thought I
would scare him away. Maybe because I was scared that I
would scare MYSELF away. Whatever the reason, I have
decided to confess it all here. So each day, as he does yet
another thing to make me adore him even more than I already
do I am going to put it in here and when I feel the time is
right then I am going to let him know about this diary. I
promised him no secrets, and I know technically this is
one, but I know he will understand. So, thus is the
beginning of my confession......


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